1. Pen to Paper                                                  
    2. Why Are You Issuing Credit?                          
    3. Credit Limits                                          
    4. Credit Guidelines                                          
    5. Checking Credit and Trade References          
    6. Eliminating the Line Between AR and Collection         
    7. Billing Practices                                          
    8. Accounting Breakdown                                  
    9. Tracking Dollars                                           
    10. What ROI™ Really Means                          
    11. Call Reluctance                                          
    12. The 28 Day Payment Call                          
    13. The Reward, Getting Paid                          
    14. Overcoming Excuses                                  
    15. Plug Leaks Quickly                                  
    16. Being Reasonable                                   
    17. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do                          
    18. What To Do If They Still Haven’t Paid          
    19. Industry Specific Remedies                          
    20. Lawsuits                                                   
    21. Judgments                                                    
    22. The Most Powerful Tool                              
            23.  Summary                                                  
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How To Get Paid On-Time, Every Time
By:  Melissa Nash Andrews
An extremely informative
and easy to read book with
specific solutions to
improve cash flow.
The no nonsense way to put the
“check” into your business.